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University Park: Traces, a public art project
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Ashton Mill
University Park
Traces, a permanent art installation on the University Park Common, is a collaborative effort by Forest City | Boston and the residents of the Cambridgeport community to chronicle the history of the neighborhood from its beginnings as a salt marsh through the technological innovations of yesterday and today.

From fish fossil to cable spool, the Traces project includes objects that represent the University Park site from its earliest settlement. Two-dimensional elements include etchings of antique photographs, newspaper clippings, and oral history excerpts. Three-dimensional elements include bronze oyster shells, antique shoe lasts, a model telescope, and a casting of the site in the Simplex heyday, circa 1957.

Traces was designed by Cambridgeport artists Monica Raymond and Ross Miller and was inspired by the following visual concepts.
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Salt marsh traces
Simplex traces
Commercial traces
Innovation traces
photo: Anton Grassl